Sunday, May 6, 2012

Windows to the Soul

This past week was a real grind. Martha's surgery, while obviously tough on Martha, wasn't a cake walk for old mom, either.

In between dosing out the pain medication, providing service with a smile and food on a tray, I was peering out the windshield of my car window at the dear old Kings Highway.

Realizing that life must go on in spite of the unexpected....I fit in grocery shopping, doctor appointments, meetings, rehab, dogs groomed, bills paid.... and it got under my skin and into my lower back! The view from behind the wheel of my car was a bit depressing.

 The view from Martha's eyes wasn't great either. We were quite the pair!

 And then, there was baseball. Extra innings. Late to bed. Poor nutrition. Rushing the homework.

 And somehow we managed to get Martha off the couch, into the car, over to the school, into the gator (under the protective eye of the school athletic trainer) to support her team through a challenging game (thank you Vicodin).

But I have come to realize that I have a choice as to how to view this past week. Will I view it through the window of my car or through the eyes of my children?

The traditional proverb says that "the eyes are the windows to the soul". And for me a mirror, into which I see reflected a life of gratitude and joy and countless blessings. I am reminded of the ultimate goal -- to see those things of eternal value reflected there, in the eyes of my children and not those things framed out by the front windshield of my car!

I am making adjustments now, for a better view next week.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Soccer Monkey

In my house, there is a girl.

She is Strong. Determined. Lovely. Funny. Too Hard On Herself. Really not a girl but a YOUNG WOMAN. Sigh.

She loves soccer. She has played for most of her few years. I love to watch her. I had to sift through HUNDREDS of parent pride-driven photos to find this one...

I was looking for a shot of some magical trick or amazing throw-in, but chose this one because you can see her joy! She loves to play soccer.

I will be in deep trouble for posting these pictures. If you have ever read my posts, you will know she hates having her not-pre-approved-pictures made available for public consumption. But we can see her beauty even when she cannot.

Soccer got her in a little bit of trouble this year.

The first regulation game. On her 17th birthday. In the last minute of the game. OUCH!

Today was the surgery day. She was scared. There were tears of fear and tears of pain...from both of us!

 Dear God, protect Martha. Go before her. Give her peace and provide her with Your healing mercies. Amen.

 Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

In 6 months, she will be back on the soccer field. Strong. Determined. Lovely. Funny.

Brave girl-woman, you are an inspiration and an example to me -- of commitment, passion and loyalty to the thing that you love!

Go Warriors!